Bair in the Woods : Project M Monthly Tourney #2

Hosted by
UAF Gaming
  •   Double Elimination
  •   Project M
  •   March 3, 2018 em 4:30 PM AKST
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Detailed ruleset can be found here

The gist:

Project M v3.6 

Stock Match (4 stocks, Stock Timer set to 8:00)

Items set to NONE and all item slots turned OFF

Debug mode must be turned OFF

Stock Control set to OFF

Damage Ratio set to 1.0

Team Attack set to ON

Input Assist set to OFF

Auto L-Cancel set to OFF

Pause set to HOLD

Legal Stages:



Pokémon Stadium 2


Green Hill Zone

Delfino’s Secret


Final Destination

Fountain of Dreams

Wario Land


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